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Casil’s Best Regards to China 70th Anniversary National Holiday


70 years of rain and wind, 70 years of wind and waves, on the morning of September 28th that is close to 70th anniversary of our motherland The Peoples Republic of China, Casil Semiconductor Limited held a solemn flag raising ceremony to express our best regards to our motherland! All the top-management, middle and senior managers, Party members and activists participated in the flag raising ceremony. At first Mr. Tony Lin, General Manager of Casil, delivered a speech to celebrate the 70th anniversary founding of new China and announced the launch of the flag raising ceremony.


At 8:45am,three flag bearers, heroic and brave, escorted our national flag to the flag raising platform solemnly, the five-star red flag raising under the parade salute of all attenders.


All the participants dressed uniformly, lined up neatly, stood up solemnly, paid attention to the flag, and sang the National Anthem along with the music。 Bright five-star red flag was rising in the magnificent national anthem, flying high over the square。


Finally, all the participants sang together the song "Ode to the motherland", showing the best wishes for the motherland, and wishing the great motherland prosperity and happiness!


Building the Chinese dream together, Casil Semiconductor Ltd wishes the motherland a better tomorrow!

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