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News! The company has passed the certification of intellectual property management system


June 11, 2019, Conhui (Huizhou) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. obtained the "intellectual property management system Certification", successfully passed the "GB/T29490-2013 Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Code" standard certification!

the successful certification of the enterprise's intellectual property has proved that our company has established a well-established standard system for the work of intellectual property rights, and the management of intellectual property and trade secret is standardized and refined。


After that, we will further strengthen the creation, application, management and protection of intellectual property rights, enhance the ability of independent innovation, realize the scientific management and strategic application of intellectual property rights, and improve the competitiveness of the international and domestic markets. Strengthen the awareness of intellectual property creation of company leaders and employees, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to create intellectual property rights, actively adopt reasonable suggestions of employees, fully tap their creative potential, and achieve a large number of innovative results of high quality. Strengthen the awareness of intellectual property risk prevention, strengthen the protection of trade secrets, optimize the management mechanism, reduce operational risk. Strengthen the transformation ability of patent technology, enhance the value of intangible assets of enterprises, open up in the market, scientific and technological innovation to achieve greater social and economic benefits.

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