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Global Leading! The Ultra-wide Temperature LCD Material Make New Breakthrough in Xi’an

Global Leading! The Ultra-wide Temperature LCD Material Make New Breakthrough in Xi’an

Global Leading! The Ultra-wide Temperature LCD Material Make New Breakthrough in Xi’an

(Summary description)火红彩票February 20, the reporter learned from the Research Institution of Modern Chemistry in Xi’an, the institute team successful independent research and development storage temperature of -45~103℃ ultra-w

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火红彩票 February 20, the reporter learned from the Research Institution of Modern Chemistry in Xi’an, the institute team successful independent research and development storage temperature of -45~103℃ ultra-wide temperature liquid crystal display material, broke through the temperature limit of liquid crystal display, solved the global problem of low temperature response speed slow, broke the foreign blockade for strategic key material, stood on the forefront of the global high-end liquid crystal display materials.


It’s known the liquid crystal material is the core of the LCD, directly determine the application range, response speed and picture quality of LCD, it is a kind of organic liquid made by more than ten components, the viscosity will increase with environment temperature decrease, lead to the low temperature response speed become slow. Improve the material low temperature response speed is the global technology problem. As the LCD with good aseismic ability and stability and reliability of display image, it has very important use in the next generation high-end outdoor display, also is the important component of foreign sophisticated weapons and over 90% of the weapon and equipment information terminals. Wide temperature liquid crystal display materials products and technology has been tightly blocked by Western countries.


 “After nearly 20 years of systematic research, we have established unique liquid crystal material basic theory and design methods, formed a completely independent intellectual property rights of the technical system.” Xi’an Modern Chemical Research Institute technical research team leader An Zhongwei told reporter, they found that the main factors that affect the low temperature viscosity of liquid crystal materials are the force between molecules, and made new breakthrough in the liquid crystal synthesis technology, innovation through the clip type molecular design and synthesis, make the liquid molecular from layered structure change to spiral structure, got more than 300 kinds of new liquid crystal monomer, the storage temperature range expanded significantly, low temperature response speed increase. Use new catalytic methods make coupled reaction, condensation and multi-step reaction to complete by one step, not only improves the yield and purity, but also reduces the cost and waste emissions. At present, they have been made monomer component, synthetic technology and display materials authorized invention more than 20 pieces.


According to introducing, this super wide temperature liquid crystal display material except meet the demand of military weapons and equipment, can also be used for special mobile phone, car and outdoor LCD and wearable devices, the market prospect is very broad.

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