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Casil R&D awarded the title of “Innovation Leading Team”

Casil R&D awarded the title of “Innovation Leading Team”

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  • Time of issue:2020-01-16
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Casil R&D awarded the title of “Innovation Leading Team”

(Summary description)Congratulations to our company R&D team of infrared LC optical shutter project research and development won the title of "Innovation.

Congratulations to our company R&D team of infrared LC optical shutter project research and development won the title of "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leading Team" of 2018 in Zhongkai High-tech Zone of Huizhou City, and received 500,000 RMB of project research and development funding。


Focusing on the localization requirements of WSS optical communication switch module, the team overcomes the difficulties in lithography precision, metal layer etching and cell gap uniformity control, and establishes a product active inspection and test system. This product is developed to promote the development of domestic optical communication optical devices. It is of great significance to break the foreign monopoly of infrared liquid crystal devices.



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