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In 2015, OHSAS18000 and ESD certified。


In 2014, Set up new STN production line.


In 2011, Cooperation with several automotive suppliers.


In 2010, Set up new workshop for automotive products.


In 2009, Capable in manufacturing automotive products.


In 2008, Upgrade ERP system.


In 2007, Set up new LCM factory.


In 2006, ISO/TS16949 certified, Introduce ERP system, Set up RoHS system and establish COG processing center.


In 2004, Set up new LCD factory.


In 2003, Set up COG-LCM production line and ISO9001:2000 certified.


In 1998, Set up TAB-LCM production line.


In 1995, ISO9001:1994 certified and set up COB-LCM production line.


In 1990, The production line was moved from Hong Kong to China.


In 1980, Establishment of Casil Semiconductor Ltd。

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