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CASIL is constantly in pursuit of excellent quality.

With over thirty years’ experience in LCD manufacturing, CASIL is an expert for middle- and small-sized display. Casil Semiconductor Ltd. is a subsidiary of China Aerospace International Holdings Ltd.

We established in Hong Kong in 1980, CASIL is the pioneer in LCD industry.

We are one of the earliest publically-listed companies in Hong Kong (HK00031)。

火红彩票 Casil Optoelectronic Product Development Limited and Conhui (Huizhou) Semiconductor Co。, Ltd。 are wholly-owned subsidiaries of CASIL。 Our production plant is located in the China Aerospace Industrial Park in the development zone for high and new technology industry in Zhongkai, Huizhou, Guangdong for which with superior geological location and convenient transportation。

火红彩票 The tidy and ordered environment in garden style, it is a modernized factory with profound humanistic sentiments.

We have over 1500 employees, over 20% of whom with technical background。 It is a new and high-tech company integrating research & development, production and sales。 Through years of effort, CASIL has built up a first-class research and development team and owned several patents for technological invention with intellectual property rights。

Our 23800m2 workshop including 500m2 of 100-level purification area, 2000m2 of 1000-level purification area and 1200m2 purification area of elevated floor with vertical convection. We have first-class automatic detection equipment, advanced production and a high-quality and stable technology and management teams. We are also the executive unit in China Optics and Optoelectronics manufactures association LCB. 



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